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Høyre     Hvor mye ulv skal vi ha i norsk natur? Det skal Stortinget avgjøre i vår. Men Høyre vil at hele rovdyrpolitikken gjennomgås på nytt. FOTO: JAN TOMAS ESPEDAL   Det er ikke nok med nye bestandsmål for ulv og bjørn, mener Høyre. Partiet krever evaluering av hele rovdyrpolitikken. Dersom Høyre får gjennomslag for at hele rovdyrforliket fra ... 10 anni
Claire McCaskill   KING: In what you might call a little bit of Capitol Hill bipartisan, Republican senators Tom Coburn and John McCain along with Democrats Claire McCaskill and Mark Udall are trying to force a public vote on giving up earmarks, those spending projects members of Congress slip into legislation. And no shock here, there's also bipartisan push- back. Earlier today in a dig at her new Republican colleague, Senator McCaskill ... 10 anni
Claire McCaskill     Claire McCaskill   WASHINGTON | As the political spotlight shifts to 2012, the glare will be bright in Missouri, where first-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill will face re-election. Will she confront a hostile electorate and a further darkening of the mood that knocked Democrats out of power in the House and weakened their hold on the Senate? Or will unemployment improve over the next 24 ... 10 anni
Armen Movsisyan     Armenian Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan said that currently, Armenia’s energy systems are the first not only in the region, but also in CIS countries. “Armenia’s energy system is the most established one in CIS countries by its production and distribution capacities, distribution culture and electric power calculation system. This is not only my biased estimation, but also ... 10 anni
Armen Gevorgyan     «Это решение - личный вопрос каждой личности и здесь я не вижу проблемы для комментария». - заявил пресс-секретарь Г.Царукяна Хачик Галстян, отвечая на вопрос журналиста, как он прокомментирует слухи о том, что вице-премьер РА, министр территориального управления Армен Геворкян намеревается стать членом РПА. «Ведь он корнями ближе к ППА», - заметил журналист.«Я эти корни не вижу. В прессе ... 10 anni
Armen Gevorgyan Armen Gevorgyan: Armenia is interested in boosting relations with Qatar   On June 11, Armenian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan received newly appointed Qatar Ambassador to Armenia Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Al-Meghaiseeb (residence in Tehran.)Greeting the Ambassador, Gevorgyan noted that Armenia is interested in boosting relations with Qatar and attached importance to the role of ... 10 anni
Armen Gevorgyan   Armenian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, Co-chairman of the Armenian-Egyptian Intergovernmental Commission Armen Gevorgyan today received Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister, Secretary General of the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with CIS Mrs. Someya Saad, Ministry press office reported.A. Gevorgyan attached importance to expansion of trade and economic relations noting that there is a great ... 10 anni
Zharangutyun   Member of Heritage party parliamentary group Armen Martirosyan said that, in his opinion, the withdrawal of the Armenian-Turkish Protocols from the Armenian parliament’s agenda is in the interests of our country. “With keeping the Protocols on the agenda, we provide Turkey with the opportunity of maneuvering,” Martirosyan told journalists in the Armenian parliament.According to him, the current situation ... 10 anni
Zharangutyun   Heritage Party issued a statement on the 19th anniversary of Armenia's independenceThe statement says,“Dear Compatriots: We congratulate you on the occasion of September 21, one of the most significant days in the millennia-long history of our Motherland. Nineteen years ago today, we jointly expressed our will to have a free and independent state and founded today's Republic of Armenia, with whose rebirth was also tied to ... 10 anni
Zharangutyun   A new political party has formed in B.C., but one with a familiar face.The party is called the “BC Heritage Party and it’s led by Wilf Hanni, the former leader of the B.C. Conservative Party, who eventually left the party after almost five tumultuous years as leader.Hanni, who also led the B.C. Provincial Reform Party at one point, says he doesn’t think his up and down political past will affect the credibility ... 10 anni

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