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US missile defence shield in EU

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US missile defence shield in EU è pronto per la tua opinione, il sostegno e la votazione. Vota on-line!
foto US-EU missile defence shield - support

US-EU missile defence shield - support

Basing of US missile defence shield at the EU east border (the Czech Republic and Poland).
US-EU missile defence shield - against

US-EU missile defence shield - against

Click, if you do not support US-EU missile defence shield. Say why.

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Proč být proti raketovému centru

Centrum raketového systému je prosazováno stejným způsobem jako radar. Opět se českým občanům předkládá projekt, jehož mezinárodně politické zdůvodnění kulhá. Íránská hrozba, kterou argumentuje Obamova administrativa, je stejně fiktivní jako zbraně hromadného ničení, které měl mít irácký diktátor Saddám Hussajn. Írán nemá ke střílení na Evropu kapacity a hlavně motivaci. ...


Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff “When it comes to the news, the corporate view is ‘objective,’ all else is ‘propaganda.’” —Studs Terkel Among the most important Project Censored news stories of the past decade, one is the fact that over one million people have died because of the United States military invasion and occupation of Iraq. This, of course, does not include the number of deaths from the first Gulf War, nor the ensuing sanctions placed upon the country of Iraq that, combined, caused close to an additional two million Iraqi deaths. ...

US-Russian Deems Missile Shield in Europe Ineffective

A planned U.S. missile shield to protect Europe from a possible Iranian attack would be ineffective against the kinds of missiles Iran is likely to deploy, according to a joint analysis by top U.S. and Russian scientists. The U.S.-Russian team also judged that it would be more than five years before Iran is capable of building both a nuclear warhead and a missile capable of carrying it over long distances. And if Iran attempted such an attack, the experts say, it would ensure its own destruction. "The missile threat from Iran to Europe is thus not imminent," the 12-member technical panel ...

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