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Legalize Cannabis

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Legalize Cannabis è pronto per la tua opinione, il sostegno e la votazione. Vota on-line!
foto Cannabis - legalize

Cannabis - legalize

Flowering plant used for medicinal purposes and as a psychoactive. Marijuana. The cultivation for recreational use is outlawed in most countries.
Cannabis - outlaw

Cannabis - outlaw

Marijuana a dangerous drug, sould be regulated and by law prohibited!

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per60contro   Jsem pro legalizaci, mj. i proto, že je to významná léčivka, Jagoar
per2contro   publicity of marijuana health usage could increase likelihood of marijuana legalization 2009, RobinT
per1contro   Studies being released all the time seem to suggest cannabis will cure cancer and other serious illnesses www.legalizecannabisaustralia.blogspot.com, mic_24
per1contro   drugs should be illegal but marijuana isnt a drug its a plant drugs are man made marijuna grows by itself with no help theres no procedures that involve chemical changing the plant, nightrider1100
per1contro   i think marijuana should be legal but they should have some limitaions on it the plant was put on this earth for a reason as a vegetable if it was bad for you why do animals eat it, nightrider1100
per1contro   But I don't think that marijuana is the biggest problem., cici
per1contro   Drugs is America's number one problem. Lets elimnate drugs and their makers., robufo2000
per1contro   It's already availiable to the public, and "Drug dealers" are making bank. The government might as well legalize Marijuana that way they can make money., Legalizingbudski
per1contro   In the aftermath of the Michael Phelps saga the issue of marijuana has been brought back into the public, marijuana legalization plans should be considered, RobinT
per1contro   marihuana side effects do not exists, all written is just a rumor, kvaska
per0contro   cannabis is costing our country millions of pounds everyday,,in lost revenue and policing ..alcohol is a worse problem ., dan2uanme
per0contro   prohibition is America's No.1 problem not drugs. The government are the biggest and most dangerous drug pushers out there forcing people to take extremely dangerous chemicals made, mic_24
per0contro   Hlas pro travu!Hlas lidu veli!je nejskvelejsi pro povzbuzeni chuti k jidlu, na sex...ostatni nepocitaje:), dimitrij
per0contro   Obama had some fun with at least one question at his online town hall, saying he doesn't think legalizing marijuana is a good strategy for turning around the economy, spetr
per31contro   I am strongly opposed the legalization of cannabis. I do not support it. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative

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