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Jo Ann Emerson

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American politician - former U.S. Representative for Missouri's 8th congressional district from 1996 to 2013.
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per29contro   In my opinion Jo Ann Emerson is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
per5contro   Jo Ann continues to refuse requests for a Parker-Emerson debate. TWO hours of your time, that's all we need. You represent me! I ask, you say no, and now I say no to you., realconservative
per5contro   Why is Jo Ann so adament about ignoring Parker's request for debate? It's time to step up & put all issues out on the table. What do u have to lose Jo Ann? Your credibility?, cherish53
per5contro   While visiting with those in the district, many have requested a debate between Emerson and Parker, yet Ms. Emerson continues to refuse., Harviell1
per2contro   Mrs. Emerson continues to disrespect the voters by denying them a primary debate or town hall meeting before the primary. That would be enough for me if I didn't know her record., ddshea
per2contro   Jo Ann voted for all Bailouts. She is Pro Union and gets money from them. Has daughters that are lobbyists and has voted against the Constitution numerous times. She needs to GO!, ddshea
per2contro   Bad Choice ..She votes yes on bills that go against the Constitution.She does not represent our district and what we want., Angela
per1contro   Seems we no longer have direct access to Congresswoman Emerson. We have many questions regarding your voting record, yet we never get answers. Isn't that a part of your job?, realconservative
per1contro   Jo Ann Emerson, What America gets when stupid people (republicans) vote!!!!, GOD_ALMIGHTY
per1contro   I believe that Ms. Emerson is a perfect example of a RINO. She is only concerned at election time. She has a 44% conservative voting record. She also supports big labor. Perhap, geraldsd
per1contro   I believe Ms Emerson worries more about being a Washington Politician than she does Representing the folks of the 8th District of South East Missouri.Her voting record is proof!, Harviell1
per1contro   Embryonic stem cell research, bank bailouts, cash for clunkers, prevailing wage,voting to unionize police and firefighters,social justice,normal trade relations with China,etc, byejoann

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