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Vision Inspired by the People

Vision Inspired by the People wants Edmund Castro Investigat

Vision Inspired by the People 42%


  Edmund Castro


Since Edmund Castro was fired from Cabinet last week Thursday, several organizations have been calling for more to be done to clear the air about Castro’s wrongdoing.  One argument put forward is that the Director of Public Prosecutions should get the file to determine if prosecution is necessary. The Opposition Party in Belmopan, Vision Inspired by the People, calls on the Prime Minister to instruct the Integrity Commission to “Exercise its due diligence in fully investigating Representative Edmund Castro for wrong doing which resulted in his removal from his Ministerial post.”  And “to ensure that all elected are performing their duties in compliance with the Prevention of Corruption Act.”  V.I.P. Public Relations Officer, Robert Lopez, also quoted the Prime Minister’s 2008 Independence Day Speech in which he said the government will go to all lengths to improve our corruption fighting infrastructure and pursue official wrongdoers. When Castro was fired, the prime minister said that “The decision was taken following a report made to the Prime Minister about an incident involving Castro. The Prime Minister was satisfied, after due consideration, that the report was substantially accurate; and that Honorable Castro had engaged in behav. or inconsistent with the high standards of propriety to which the Prime Minister seeks to hold his ministers.”



Nov 30, 2010

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