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Vision Inspired by the People

Vision Inspired by the People celebrates 10th anniversary

Vision Inspired by the People 42%


Vision Inspired by the People, the independent party that’s based in Belmopan, is launching a campaign to celebrate its 10th anniversary.  VIP evolved from a group of candidates that contested the first Belmopan City Council Elections in 2000. That team comprised of only two candidates.  The team grew to four candidates who contested the 2003 Belmopan City Council elections. The expanded team campaigned under the name B-SAFE (Belmopan Social Action for Fairness and Equality).  In the latter part of 2005, VIP formed with four additional persons who offered themselves as candidates, completing a slate for Belmopan City Council 2006.  That team adopted and campaigned under the name, Vision Inspired by the People (VIP). Paul Morgan, the party chairman, told plus news this morning, that for the past 10 years, Vision Inspired by the People has existed to foster an enabling Environment to help create and maintain a progressive Belizean society, in which the Quality of life is ever improving. And while we are still 3 years away, the question we wanted an answer to is, Do they have plans for the 2013 elections? Morgan says that with poverty, crime and the struggling economy, Belize has to thread carefully over the next 2 years and VIP has designed a strategic plan of action. The campaign launch scheduled for Monday February 15th, will make way for THE VISION, the VIP news letter.  Martha Hendrix, VIP secretary general, spoke more about the newsletter and the activities in commemoration of the 10th anniversary. You can hear more from the VIP on Monday.  They will be guests on Plus TV’s eyes on the nation; the show starts 7:30am.





News From: PLUS TV News 

Source: www.belmopancityonline.com


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