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Citco gives “Fawda” Henry the axe!

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Philip “Fawda” Henry, the outspoken Grade II Enforcement Officer of the Belize City Council indicted by his superiors for an interview he did with 7 News at the recent Caribbean Shores United Democratic Party Convention—in which he lambasted a councilor aspiring for national politics and said, in effect, that the Council has not been doing its job in taking care of the City—was fired on Friday, on the eve of the New Year.
Henry—a known UDP who was hired as an open vote worker after the UDP took office in the City—said that he has consequently declared war against the UDP-led Council; and that come 2012, the date of the next municipal elections, he will run against them either as an independent candidate or with the Opposition People’s United Party.
In an interview with Amandala Friday afternoon, Henry blamed Belize City mayor, Zenaida Moya-Flowers, who he alleges “shubbed the knife in my back” when she paid him off on dismissal with a $1,400 cheque—payment for 29 days’ accrued vacation.
“I have no love for you—my love has gone...” Henry, who had also been a UDP campaigner, said of Moya-Flowers.
Candice Burke, City Administrator, told Amandala Monday, “...the decision to terminate Mister Henry was a decision that came from the disciplinary committee.”
Burke told us that the committee was constituted of the Human Resources Director, Sharlene Rudon, who Henry had told us chaired the committee; as well as CitCo Legal Advisor Howard Ramclam, Traffic Supervisor Kevin Jenkins, and Financial Controller Patrick Tillett.
The dismissal letter, captioned dismissal pursuant to the Belize Constitution (Open Vote Workers) Regulations, Cap. 4 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize, cites the Tuesday, December 21, 2010, disciplinary action committee hearing, and the December 16, 2010 letter, calling Henry to he hearing and simultaneously setting out the reasons for his reprimand.



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