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United Democratic Party

UDP Victory Rally San Pedro

United Democratic Party 42%


  PUP treasurer Julius Espat was endorsed as standard bearer for Cayo South.


  Minister of Health Hon.Pablo Marin fights off a challenge in Corozal Bay.


General Elections are two years away, but conventions held over the weekend saw the Opposition People’s United Party endorse Julius Espat as its standard bearer for Cayo South, while Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin remained the United Democratic Party’s representative for Corozal Bay.

PUP treasurer Julius Espat emerged unchallenged when PUP members and supporters in Cayo South  converged on Denbigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote Village on Saturday afternoon, January 8.

PUP Leader Johnny Briceno accompanied Espat, whose triumphant entrance was heralded by a marching band as they descended the hill to a stadium festooned with large blue and white signs designating it as “PUP territory”.  

PUP Secretary General Henry Charles Usher administered the oath of allegiance to Espat, and then a number of guest speakers took to the podium to lambast the UDP government of Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow.

These included former Prime Minister Said Musa, Corozal South East Area Representative, Hon. Florencio Marin Jr, Florencio Marin Sr., Senator Lisa Shoman, former PUP minister Sam Waight and aspiring Belize Rural North standard-bearer, Arthur Saldivar.

Espat told The Reporter that his professional background as an architect and his understanding of business has enabled him to work with a wide cross section of people, and he would bring the same approach to representing the people of Cayo South. 

Espat boasted that he has the ability to bring the leaders of the party together to work as one, and the next phase would be to bring the people together. He said he is aware that it will require a lot of energy and it cannot work without tapping into good things.

“Remember that the PUP has been here from the 1950s and we cannot forget the great things that have been done, and filter out the ones that did not work for us. We were voted out in 2008 and there was a reason for voting us out. That also has to. be addressed,” Espat affirmed.



Rowland A. Parks




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