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Tarō Asō

Aso may call an election for May

Tarō Asō 39%

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The opposition's woes have boosted Aso's low ratings, raising the prospect of him going to the polls in May -- five months ahead of an October deadline.

Aso's popularity has inched up since Ozawa's woes, with a recent survey by broadcaster TBS putting support for his cabinet at 26.3 percent, up nearly 9 points. His ratings languished at around 10 percent earlier this year. 

The ratings boost has prompted speculation Aso may call an election for May although some analysts say he may want to wait for more evidence that the ruling coalition can win. 

A election defeat would mark the end of more than a half-century of almost unbroken rule by Aso's conservative LDP. 

Ozawa's toubles have failed to result in a huge ratings boost for Aso's LDP because a handful of LDP lawmakers, including Nikai, have also been linked to the same scandal-tainted construction company.


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