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Syrian National Council

SNC Holds a Press Conference; Accuses Assad Regime of Atrocities

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Syrian National Council (SNC) spokesperson George Sabra along with SNC revolutionary movement representative Khalil Alhaj Saleh addressed members of the press in Paris today about the regime's failure to comply with the Arab League-United Nations peace plan headed by Kofi Annan.

Sabra said the regime has resorted to brutal force and random acts of violence in an attempt to distort facts and appear as the victim in front of the United Nations (UN) observers, similar to what it did in the presence of Arab League observers a few months ago. "The regime has not stopped its murder, systematic displacement, arbitrary arrest, and the maltreatment of Syrian citizens in a variety of ways," he said, adding that the regime is attempting to terrorize the UN observers in order to distract them from their mission. Furthermore, he said the regime is trying to kill the UN plan, and the UN Security Council must not allow this to happen. He added that if the regime succeeds in destroying the peace plan, the international community needs to take more stringent measures to force the Assad regime to comply.

As the number of people participating in the revolution continues to increase and more and more people defect from the regime's army and join the ranks of the Free Syrian Army, Sabra said "Now more than ever before, the regime is a part of the past and will have no place in building the democratic future of the country."




12 May 2012

Read full article: www.syriancouncil.org


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