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Syrian National Council

SNC Calls for Urgent UN Intervention and Declares a 3-Day National Mourning

Syrian National Council 45%


The Syrian National Council (SNC) strongly condemned the horrifying massacre carried out by Assad regime forces on Friday, May 25 in Houleh in the suburbs of Homs that claimed the lives of 88 people, including 50 children and 300 injured. Some victims were killed by mortar shelling, while others were slaughtered by knives. Entire families were killed in behavior reminiscent of the Dark Ages. Images that were released portray the barbarity of the attacks, especially since most victims were women and children. The SNC declared a 3-day period of national mourning and said that these days should witness an escalation of revolutionary activities against the regime and a swift response to the massacre with an increase in protests, especially in Damascus and Aleppo. The SNC also called upon the Free Syrian Army to prevent armed regime militias from reaching civilian areas by blockading roads with all possible means.

The criminal regime continues to escalate its campaign against the Syrian people with barbaric shelling and genocide in all cities and towns across the country. On Friday, May 25, Houleh in the suburbs of Homs was shelled violently for 12 consecutive hours. The shelling was followed by a massacre carried out by shabiha (thugs) and regime mercenaries during which children whose hands were tied up were slaughtered. Reports say that Assad regime loyalists from loyalist villages surrounding the town of Houleh slaughtered women and children. Some families were able to escape with the help of activists, while the fate of other families remains unknown.




26 May 2012

Read full article: www.syriancouncil.org


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