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Sadiq al-Ahmar

Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar on Yemen's National Dialogue

Sadiq al-Ahmar 40%


Sana’a, Asharq Al-Awsat—Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar is the head of Yemen’s powerful Hashid tribe. He rose to prominence during Yemen’s revolution when he backed the revolutionary youth against the Saleh regime. He resigned from his position in Yemen’s General People’s Congress in solidarity with the protest movement and his revolutionary role culminated in the infamous Battle of Sana’a in the summer of 2011. This saw opposition and tribal forces, led by Al-Ahmar, physically confront the forces loyal to Saleh throughout the Yemeni capital. These clashes included an attack on the Yemeni presidential palace which left President Saleh injured; he was later taken to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. Following the Yemeni revolution, Al-Ahmar has played an increasingly prominent role on the political scene, most recently in the National Dialogue Conference presently taking place in Sana’a.


Asharq Al-Awsat: You are a member of the National Dialogue Conference that is seeking to secure a new political stage in Yemen. How would you characterize what has been happening at this National Dialogue? What results do you expect it to achieve?


Sheikh Al-Ahmar: There can be no doubt that there are differences between the viewpoints inside the National Dialogue Conference which are causing difficulties, however this is only natural. What is required is for the people at the conference to talk about their concerns and desires, and express their fears, so that we can discuss the issues in a clear, sincere, and transparent manner. Yemen is more important than anything else and this conference is the gatew. y through which the Yemenis must pass through to reach a prosperous future, God willing.




Mohammed Jumeh

13 Apr, 2013

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