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Ramazan Bashardost

10 reasons Dr. Ramazan Bashardost must be elected President

Ramazan Bashardost 39%

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The election for President of Afghanistan is now just a few days away. Readers of Kabul Press’ Dari pages have seen extensive coverage of Dr. Bashardost’s campaign for several months. Main stream international Western media such as The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian (UK), BBC and NPR have recently carried in-depth stories on Bashardost. In the last days of the campaign, Kabul Press would like to re-state for English speakers the reasons it has strongly supported Bashardost.


1. Bashardost’s campaign expenditures have been extremely low; he will not be influenced by large contributions from people expecting political payback. He does not bribe voters with free phone cards, meals or cash like other candidates. As of today, Bashardost’s campaign has spent just under $8,500. In contrast, Karzai has received millions of dollars from individuals, banks, and businesses. Abdullah Abdullah has received millions from the same types of sources, including $300,000 from businessman Haji Zalmai. These sums are public record.


2. Bashardost has no ties to corrupt individuals or organizations. He has never been the subject of any investigation for corruption. In fact, he resigned in protest. from the Afghan government when he saw there was little effort to impede corruption.




12 August 2009, by Robert Maier

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