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Political situation in Yemen

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Political situation in Yemen, satisfied 54%


Five months of unrest have not overthrown the hated (by many, but not all) Saleh government. Saleh himself is still in a Saudi hospital. The Saudis say Saleh is not returning to Yemen, while many Saleh supporters want their leader back. The Saleh coalition can carry on without him, but it will take longer and cost more in lives and expensive concessions to new allies (or old ones who want a bigger cut). Yemeni politics is all about tribes dividing up a rapidly shrinking pie.

Hundreds of tribal gunmen are on the outskirts of the southern port city of Aden. Described as "al Qaeda," many of these groups of armed tribesmen are allied or influenced by al Qaeda, or just Islamic radicalism. Mostly, however, tribal militias are armed tribesmen led by someone out to expand the power and influence of the tribe.  An increasingly important item worth fighting for is food. Hunger is growing as food prices increased over 40 percent this year. The economy is in decline, meaning there is less money to buy food. A third of the population is showing signs of malnutrition and are regularly underfed.



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June 23, 2011

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