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Pampulitikang sitwasyon sa Pilipinas

Should the Philippines Fight More Aggressively Against ...

Pampulitikang sitwasyon sa Pilipinas, nasiyahan 62%

... China Over Spartlys Claim?


Should the Philippines Fight More Aggressively Against China Over Spartlys Claim“China, you are a bully! China Stay out!” Ang sigaw ng mga Pilipino laban sa China. Dapat na nga bang higit na maging agresibo ang Pilipinas sa paglaban sa karapatan sa Spratly Islands? Or should we focus on more diplomatic measures? How do we best fight for Spratly islands?


Last July 8, Friday–global Filipino communities showed an “unprecedented show of Filipino People Power of 2011” , as kababayans from at least 12 cities in four countries staged simultaneous international protests in front of Chinese Consular offices and Embassies. The message was loud and clear: China, keep out of Philippine territory! This, they said, is a fight for the Philippines’ sovereignty and dignity as a nation.


Balitang America reported on the protest held in Manhattan New York, where Filipinos sought to expose China’s $ 892-Million super oil rig ready to start drilling next month. This rig was reportedly positioned about 80 nautical miles or 125 miles away from Palawan, and within the Philippines’ 200 nautical mile exclusive. economic zone.


By Gel Santos Relos


Read more: filamnation.com (Jul 17 2011)

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