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K’aghak’akan iravichaky Hayastanum

“The results of the elections won’t change the situation..

K’aghak’akan iravichaky Hayastanum, goh (Hayastan) 54%

... in Armenia”


Yerevan - The member of the administration of Armenian All-National Movement, the head of the parliamentary committee on international affairs of Armenia in 1995-1999, the expert of the European Business Association on Investment and Market Access Affairs, Ovanes Igityan, told Vestnik Kavkaza about peculiarities of the investment climate in Armenia ahead of the incoming presidential elections.


- Armenia went up by 18 points in the rating of the World Bank Doing Business for 2013 – from 50th to 32nd place. Is this rather high place reflecting the real climate established by control bodies for doing business in Armenia?


- Even the 32nd place in the Doing Business rating is not enough for changing the tendency of reduction of direct investments into Armenia. Only countries which managed to attract investments from abroad were able to cope with the crisis. Even the US which has always had the strategy of investment export, market penetration and increase of a political factor in other states and continents considers attraction of investments into American economy today. It means an importance of direct and indirect investments. The wave of patriotism covered Armenian Diaspora under Robert Kocharyan has gone. A contemporary businessman from Diaspora can be attracted. only by certain rules of business, rather than by pressure on his patriotic feelings.


By David Stepanyan


Read more: Vestnik Kavkaza - http://vestnikkavkaza.net/analysis/politics/33212.html (1 November 2012)

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