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Maryam Rajavi

Belgian MPs and Senators back Maryam Rajavi's call for a 'free Iran'

Maryam Rajavi 28%

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NCRI - The Iranian Resistance President-elect Maryam Rajavi has called on Belgium to give its full support to overthrowing the despotic regime in Iran, which is 'suppressing Iranian people and exporting terrorism'.


In a speech in the Belgian Parliament on March 27, she told MPs and Senators how last year the Iranian regime, with the help of its proxies in Iraq, forced the members of Camp Ashraf to a prison called Camp Liberty - where they were then attacked and murdered.


The Liberty residents must now be re-located to safety in the USA or Europe or be returned to Ashraf which is safer, and she urged the Senate to press for urgent action to ensure their safety.


Senator Gérard Deprez told the meeting referring to Belgian party politics: "Despite our differences in our internal matters, I am delighted to announce that we act as a united front in our support for the Iranian people."


He added, "Many members of the Senatesupport Maryam Rajavi's 10-point plan. We believe this plan is a very strong and practical one for achieving peace and democracy in Iran."




04 April 2013

Read more: www.ncr-iran.org


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