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John Briceño

PUP leader John Briceno blasts PM Barrow over “lies”

John Briceño 46%


While the PUP convention in Cayo South was high-spirited, and had all the evidence that a general election is impending, PUP Leader John Briceño was in form fit for a battle.  At Saturday’s event, he called out Prime Minister Dean Barrow for what can best be termed as his many falsehoods.


Hon. John Briceño, PUP Leader


“We have the Prime Minister who has the record for being the most liar Prime Minister this country has ever had. Remember when he was in opposition he used to say that he was not going to lie the Belizeans. That was his first lie when he got into government he promised the Belizean people and the PUP’s and said that there was going to be no victimization.  And he lied because the next day he started to victimize the people. He said there would be more jobs, he lied because right now our people can’t get a job.  He promised to bring down the cost of living and he lied because the cost of living went up under Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party. He lied because the only ones who get opportunity is the royal family and we know who are the royal family.”


On January 7 this year, the UDP marked their third year in office, which means general elections is only two years away, in 2013.

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11 January 2011

Source: ctv3belizenews.com


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