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Homosexual marriage

Gay marriage affects society negatively

Homosexual marriage, support 76%

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Homosexuality, and homosexual marriage, affects society.

It affects families. When people tell family members they are homosexual, it usually breaks parent's hearts, causes riffs in extended families that can last a lifetime, and causes issues to come up, like, do we allow our gay child to bring their lover in front of our kids when we love them but disagree?

It affects the individual. There are thousands of years of recorded history along with over a 100 years of psychological studies that consider homosexuality a disorder.

Thirty-five years of APA taking it off the disorder list, with mixed studies showing the negative effects on the individual, hardly make a strong case that it doesn't have a negative effect on the individual.

Some of those effects include: loneliness, depression, anxiety, feelings of un-fulfillment, suicide, etc.

Gay marriage in particular affects society at large. The government isn't saying, "We don't take a side on the issue" or "It's up to you to decide."

The government is saying, "We approve and recognize this as true and valid."

Once the government does that who are citizens to say, "The government is wrong about this?"

What is to prevent schools from teaching homosexuality as beneficial and from teaching parents who disagree are harmful to society?

The truth is it affectssociety in countless ways ' so we have a right to have our voices heard on the issue ' and to vote.


Gary Hunt


Read: Visalia - June 24, 2009

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