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Giorgio Napolitano


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"I found a situation that I believe might satisfy our country, and make it feel proud".

So said Giorgio Napolitano, Italian President of the Republic, during an interview at the barracks of the Guardia di Finanza in L'Aquila - towards the finish of his visit in the earthquake stricken zone.

The head of state said to have "appreciated all the decisions made by government authorities on national, regional, and local levels", and that he was pleased with " the synergetic climate amongst all institutional branches".

After having congratulated Guido Bertolaso, head of Italy's Civil Protection Agency, Napolitano directed his attention toward those responsible for the various levels of the relief efforts, saying "the systems for civil protection were not learned yesterday.

I was responsible for this country's government from '96 until '98, during which I was confronted with grave emergencies, from Sarno to the Umbria and Marche earthquakes".

Giorgio Napolitano defined the system for civil protection as "very Italian, because we see those professionally serving the state and those dedicated purely to the cause working together in an effort toward solidarity".

The President of the Republic reserved particular praise for the Fire Department who "with their own hands, saved many lives and returned the bodies of missing loved ones to many families".

In this time of emergency, said the Head of State, "much was done to help the 30 thousand people now living in the camps and hotels of the coast.

But even more has been done to recover the bodies of those trapped in the remains of the earthquake".


L'Aquila, 9 Apr.

source: AGI


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