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Colville Young

Governor General Sir Colville Young holds workshop at SPHS

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During the workshop, works from other Caribbean writers were highlighted by the Governor General, as well as his own.


Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young arrived in San Pedro Town on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 and held a one-on-one workshop with teachers at the San Pedro High School. Held at the school’s conference room, the workshop was aimed at providing assistance in teaching methods that will assist professors with the seven Belizean short stories found within the pages of Pataki Full. The book written by Sir Colville himself in 1997, offers firsthand insight into the reality of Belizean society along with its richness and humor. This book has been included in the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Literature listing and as such Head of Department Estella Gonzalez invited the Governor for a workshop.


    During the workshop, Sir Colville delved into the West Indian Literature and highlighted the works of many great Caribbean writers. The work of Roger Mais, 1953, The hills were joyful together, Michael Smith’s poem Mi cyaan believe it, and Dennis Scott’s Uncle Time were all carefully dissected and enjoyed to the fullest ability. Teachers were asked to differ from changing any words that may be considered “strong” for students since it takes away from the meaning and essence of the writer.


    Acting Principal Emil Vasquez stated that the Governor’s visit proved to be very fruitful and beneficial for those teachers who took time from the weekend to attend the workshop. Sir Colville Young has published a series of books of and about Belizean literature, including Literature and Education in Belize, Creole Proverbs of Belize, From One Caribbean Corner and Caribbean Corner Calling, the last two containing poems in English and Belize Creole. Of these books, Creole Proverbs is his most recognized. In 1993, just before becoming Governor General, he published Pataki Full, earning acclaim from the local writing community. His stories have been featured in the Beliz. an Writers Series in Snapshots of Belize, and a play Riding Haas in the drama anthology Ping Wing Juk Me, also in the Series. 



May 8, 2008

Source: www.sanpedrosun.net


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